The Lady Franklin Museum, known as The Lady Franklin Gallery is a classical stone
building in Lenah Valley. Built in 1842 as an art and historical museum,
it was the creation of Lady Jane Franklin, the wife of Governor Sir John Franklin.

The Franklins were shocked at the lack of cultural institutions and the indifference
of early colonists. Jane was an exceptionally resourceful and talented woman
who envisaged and brought about the erection of a classical building along the
lines of a Greek temple… to ensure the continuance of cultural aspirations of the
future colony.

When completed the Museum contained sculptures, books and pictures.

The Franklins left Hobart the following year and the building and 400acres of land
was transferred upon trust to Christ College. By 1920 most of the land had been
sold and the building was being used as an apple store and cow shed. In 1936
the property was transferred to the City Council, and in 1948 the Council
accepted a proposal by The Art Society of Tasmania to lease the building as their Gallery.

The Lady Franklin Gallery is open to the public every weekend of the year
except Christmas and Easter.

Opening hours

11.00am-4.00pm Saturday and Sunday